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Olisa "Spyc-E" Enrico - Performing Artist and Educator
Works, Projects and Products

Prices are negotiated depending on travel cost and length of residency.

Workshops can be tailored to fit the needs of your group.


Hip- Hop Shakespeare: Finding the flow is an exploration of text, sound, rhythm, rhyme and tempo as they apply to heightened and poetic texts.  We will use sonnets (handed out at the workshop) or if you have a piece you would like to work on you may bring it. We use instrumental music with hip-hop rhythms as our foundation for exploration. This workshop is a way in for those who may have "shakes-fear" or who enjoy moving, dancing and being silly while working. It is also an entrance into classical texts for the hip-hop generations. This method is intercultural and intergenerational. Though in the workshop we will use hip-hop beats, the techniques you will learn can be applied to all tempos, rhythms and variations of music. Whether you have experience with Shakespeare or not this is a fun way to enter the world of heightened poetic texts.

AV requirements- a way to play music from an ipod or CD

  • One Hour- Introduction to concepts
  • Two Hour- Introduction to concepts and begin application to text
  • Four Hour- Intensive, concepts, techniques, application and performance
  • Five Days- Three hours a day- In depth working of all components of the technique and includes taking the concepts from the studio to the stage.

Exploring Archetypes for the Actor/Singer engages the performer in the world of Archetypes- forms and figures of universal magnitude. Through guided journeys based in the work of Frankie Armstrong as further developed by Janet B. Rodgers- we explore- body and voice- the archetypical Lover, Leader, Trickster and more.

Technical requirements-
none or capability to play music through ipod or CD

  • Two Hour- Introduction to concepts and one journey.
  • Four Hour- Concepts, three journeys and  beginning application to text.
  • Five Days- three hours a day Ten Journeys and application.
  • A two week intensive includes sixteen journeys and application.
Performance Projects

Goddess In the Temple/
Demon in the Well adds theatrical elements of text and movement to a music concert format. A  search for the divine inside of the self, this powerful piece digs into themes of Addiction and Co-dependency, challenges the soul, recognizes mortality and faces the demons. What is human? What is forgivable? What are my demons? and... Can they be loved? Pounded by standards of beauty and success that are virtually impossible to reach, we lose touch with the divine connection that makes us human. The songs and stories shared in this piece inspire a renewed connection to the Goddess in the Temple that is you.
 while recognizing and respecting the Demon in the Well.

About Love an autobiographical one-act explores the definition of love and is inspired and informed by Bell Hooks' book, All About Love. It asks the questions- What is love? Do we live in a loveless society?If so, how can we learn to love unconditionally?

Performance Lecture
Diversity Training/Facilitated Dialogues onRace and Racism in America
A theatrical exploration of the history of prejudice, stereotypes and racism. By remembering, recognizing and respecting our collective history around race, diversity, inclusion and exclusion we may begin to heal from wounds left by a legacy of racism in America.
Workshops and classes  crafted for your needs
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